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This course is a 20 week introduction to the most funadamental, significant research in the neuroscience of coaching. It is the required foundational Course for all of our training, and is approved by the ICF for CEUs.

Whether you are an already trained coach, counselor, yoga, wellness or fitness trainer, business or non-profit executive leader, or are just anxious to launch a coaching practice, the purpose of this course is to learn the neuroscience, positive psychology, and NeuroPositive™ coaching tools which ground our coaching model, the NeuroPositive Method.™

The NeuroPositive Method ™ is a research based, neuroscience framework for life coaching, increasing the positive neuroplasticity of the brain, integrated with an intensive focus on developing positive and powerful coaching strategies and interventions.

This is the practical “how to” of everyday neuroplasticity for growth and development, for personal & organizational excellence--for yourself & for your clients.

Professional NeuroPositive™ Life Coaches are expert guides and teachers of the optimally well-lived life that creates high levels of life satisfaction and deeper reservoirs of personal resilience, personal strength, and a sense of personal meaning and significance.

Because they know the neuroscience and work with brain neuroplasticity, NeuroPositive™ coaches know what works, they know why, and they know that the methods and tools of The NeuroPositive Method ™ get the results they want with clients. 

Learn about neuroception and the growth from threat to safety, by understanding how to move from the "fight/ flight" response to the capacity to activate your "calm/connect" response -- which your healthy body wants more.

You'll also be trained in the neuroscience of strengths, the science of optimism and resilience, the neuroscience and psychology of coaching clients through change & transition, and you will learn 4 neuroscience-based client assessment scales which give you a precise picture of client progress.

And much more.

This Course is approved by the ICF with CEUs available.

$1995 with a $300 award for pre-registration by phone with Dr. Johnson, Associate Director.

An additional $500 award is available if you complete your enrollment and then refer a friend or colleague, who also registers and completes the Course with you. This award is paid to you when you both complete the Course.

Split payment plans for the full tuition are available with a downpayment of $500.

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